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Hi! My name is Veronica Lee, founder of IL-MEWĠA, 'The Wave'. I was born in Canada and brought up on the island of Malta, right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.


As a kid, I was brought up in a family-run 'Dolceria', baking and decorating cakes from a very young age. I was always into art, and you would always find me drawing or painting. My love for art led me into the world of tattooing and I have been running my own tattoo studio for the past 8 years at Veronica LeeTattoo, specializing in modern art.

As part of my tattooing journey, I also studied medical tattooing, improving the lives of breast cancer survivors.

My passion for painting and love for the sea led me to start exploring ocean and wave painting. I felt a sense of instant connection and this led me to explore new mediums. There is where I found my love for Resin Art. Creating life-like foamy waves, shores, and ocean depths took me into an amazing creative bubble. A world of all the things I am passionate about - art, baking, and the ocean. 

This is my chance to share my creations with you!

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